Current Office Bearers

Rev. Jobi Koruthu

Vice President
Mr Reuben Mathew
(Tabore Mar Thoma Church)

Mr Rony Eappen
(St James Mar Thoma Church)

Lady Secretary
Mrs Sharon John
(Nazareth Mar Thoma Church)

Mr Roshan Mathew
(Carmel Mar Thoma Church)

South Zone Secretary
Mr Deepak Abraham
(St Johns Mar Thoma Church)

North Zone Secretary
Mr Rennie Philip
(Carmel Mar Thoma Church)

South Zone Representative
Ms Shruti Varghese
(St Johns Mar Thoma Church)

North Zone Representative
Mr Joel George
(All Saints Mar Thoma Church)

General Body

The General body consist of registered youths between the age 12- 35 years from the following church and congregation

  1. Nazareth Mar Thoma Church
  2. Belfast Mar Thoma Congregation
  3. St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church
  4. St. Peters Mar Thoma Church
  5. All Saints Mar Thoma Church
  6. St. James Mar Thoma Church
  1. Sinai Mar Thoma Church
  2. St. John’s Mar Thoma Church
  3. Canterbury Mar Thoma Church
  4. Hermon Mar Thoma Church
  5. Cardiff Mar Thoma Congregation
  6. Tabore Mar Thoma Church
  1. German Mar Thoma Congregation
  2. Switzerland Mar Thoma Congregation
  3. Carmel Mar Thoma Church
  4. Scotland Mar Thoma Congregation (Edinburgh, Newcastle & Aberdeen)
  5. Hull Mar Thoma Congregation
Youth Fellowship Activity

Annual Youth Retreats
A One Day youth retreat is held in each of the Zone. The morning session is devoted to Bible Study & Music followed by a communal meal. The afternoon session is involves a concluding session of the Bible Study. There is a competitive event (Quiz etc) with a rolling trophy given for the winning team. A Fun session of games is also thrown into the afternoon mix. The retreat ends with Tea and snacks.

Annual Youth Conference
The Annual Youth Conference is held in July. The 2020 conference which was to be held in Switzerland was cancelled due to the pandemic.

The 5th Youth Conference was held from 19th of July to the 21st of July 2019.

The theme for the event was “Firm Foundation” from the bible portion Matthew 7: 24-27.  The conference was blessed with the presence of the diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos who inaugurated the function.

The conference leaders were led by Rev Sam Koshy, Mr Ken Tomita and Aidan Hogg. 170 delegates participated in this event including youths from Swiss and Ireland making the event a grand success.

Annual Youth Sunday
One Sunday in the calendar year is dedicated for celebration as Youth Sunday.

The Youth take the lead in assisting during in the Holy Communion. Youths are sent to different parishes to give the message (sermon) during the Holy Qurbana. Specially designed covers are distributed to enable the congregation donate towards the funding of the Zonal Youth activities.

Charity Work
In order to engage with the charity work undertaken by the Mar Thoma Sabha it was decided to volunteer at The Mar Thoma Centre for Rehabilitation and Decevopment (MCRD) Navajoythi School Thelliyoor. It is a school for the mentally challenged. In the early part of 2020 four youths volunteered at the school offering their services besides undertaking teaching support.

Maramon Convention
The four youths continued their stay in Kerala by representing the UK & Europe Zonal Youths at the 125th Maramon Convention.