Zonal Office Bearers

Rev. K A Jacob
(Carmel Mar Thoma Church)

Vice President
Mrs. Laly Abraham
(St Thomas Mar Thoma Church)

Mrs. Shiby Varughese
(St James Mar Thoma Church)

Mrs. Lizamma Baby
(St. Peters Mar Thoma Church)

North Centre Office Bearers


Vice President
Mrs. Usha Varughese
(Nazareth Mar Thoma Church)

Mrs. Baby John
(Hermon Mar Thoma Church)

Joint Secretary
Mrs. Shirley
(Carmel Mar Thoma Church)

Mrs. Jiji Shaji
(All Saints Mar Thoma Church)

South Centre Office Bearers

Rev K K Kuruvilla
(St James Mar Thoma Church)

Vice President
Mrs. Omana Varughese
(Canterbury Mar Thoma Church)

Mrs. Annamma Binu
(St Johns Mar Thoma Church)

Joint Secretary
Mrs. Mary Abraham
(St James Mar Thoma Church)

Mrs. Joyce Thomas
(St Johns Mar Thoma Church)

General Body

The General body consist of all women above the age of 18 years who are members from the following church and congregation

United Kingdom

1. St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church - Bristol

2. St. John’s Mar Thoma Church - Hounslow

3. St. James Mar Thoma Church – Central London

4. Hermon Mar Thoma Church – Midlands

5. Tabore Mar Thoma Church - Manchester

6. Carmel Mar Thoma Church - Liverpool

7. St. Peter’s Mar Thoma Church – East London

8. All Saints Mar Thoma Church – Peterborough

9. Sinai Mar Thoma Church – North London

10. Mar Thoma Church Canterbury

11. Cardiff Mar Thoma Congregation

12. Hull Mar Thoma Congregation

13. Scotland Mar Thoma Congregation (Edinburgh, Newcastle & Aberdeen)


14. Nazareth Mar Thoma Church

15. Dublin and Belfast Mar Thoma Congregation

16. German Mar Thoma Congregation

17. Switzerland Mar Thoma Congregation

Sevika Sangam Activities

Annual Zonal Conference

The First One Day Zonal Conference was held on 29th June 2019. It was hosted by the Nazareth Mar Thoma Church. The conference was well supported by participation of around 110 members.
The Theme for the conference was ‘Christian Woman – A Missionary’
Canon William Deverell of Maelruain’s Church gave the felicitation message
Rev Viji Varghes Eapen delivered the message on the theme.
The conference opened with Holy Qurbana. There were singing session and also a quiz competition on the Book of Acts.

Annual South Zone Centre Conference
The first south zone centre conference was hosted by St Johns Mar Thoma Church. The theme for the conference was ‘Trajectory in Christianity’. Mrs Annie Koshy Kochamma was the main speaker.

It was a day filled with fellowship and activities. There was music session, interactive sessions as well as a singing competition.

Annual North Zone Centre Conference

The first north zone centre conference was hosted by All Saints Mar Thoma Church.
There was good participation from all the members and churches in the North Zone.
Rev Saju Chacko gave the message.

Zonal Sevika Sangam Sunday

One Sunday in a year is dedicated for celebration as Sevika Sangam Sunday. In 2019 it was celebrated on 8th September 2019 and the Theme was ‘Women: Equal participation in the ministry of the kingdom of God’.

The offertory raised in the Zone on that Sunday is used to support the zonal activities of the Sevika Sangam.

Lent Meditation

A lent meditation booklet was prepared in 2019 and send to all Sevika Sangam Members as a pdf document.
In 2020 a lent meditation was started commencing on 23rd February until 12th April 2020

Chain Prayer

A chain prayer has been started since 13th march 2020. The chain prayer is held every Friday from 5.30 am to 10.30 pm.  Every alternate Friday is observed as a fasting chain prayer from 6.00 am to 12.00 am

Charity Work
All churches and congregation in the zone send an annual contribution to support the mission activities of  Mar Thoma Suvishesha Sevika Sangam.

Contributions are sent to the Sabha Office towards,

  • Deppy Pirivu – For children’s work
  • Varshika Pirivu – For office and establishment expenses
  • Saujanya Danam – Evangelistic Work
  • Videsh Mission – Wok outside Kerela and Ashrams etc.

Dialysis Machine
The Zone has began raising money to buy a dialysis machine in India.